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Big Toolbox

Our tools are chosen to be low-cost, high quality, and fit in small hands.

Image Description Manufacturer Vendor
Red Metal Toolbox Mastercraft Canadian Tire #058-0817-2
Jewelry Hammer factoryselling100 eBay
Wire Stripper Hanlong RP Electronics CP-150
Long Nose Pliers RP Electronics CT-120
Needle Nose Pliers RP Electronics CT-128
Shear Cutter R’Deer RT-170 Lee’s Electronic 108981
Diagonal Cutter R’Deer RT-502 Lee’s Electronic 10383
Desoldering Pump CT-017 Lee’s Electronic 1097
3″ Drill Press Vise Wisdom 14-DPV3-1 KMS Tools APC-14DPV31
Helping Hands RP Electronics SH-982
Multimeter Fluke 101 eBay
Soldering Iron Weller WE1010NA RP Electronics WE1010NA
Soldering Iron Holder
with Copper Scrubber
Flashlight Dollarama
Magnifying Glass
Garbage Tin