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Soldering Iron Holder with Copper Scrubber

This project describes how to attach a copper scrubber securely to your soldering iron holder. This soldering iron holder is part of the Big Toolbox.

The sponges that come with the Weller soldering iron do not work as well as copper scrubbers for removing solder from the iron tip.


Image Quantity Description Manufacturer Vendor
1 Soldering Iron Holder Weller WE1010NA RP Electronics WE1010NA
1 M3 Nut
1 M3 x 20mm Bolt
1 Copper Scrubber Dollarama





Step 1

Remove the metal piece from the base of the soldering iron holder.


Step 2

Drill a 3.5 mm hole in the base of the soldering iron holder.

Step 3

Push the M3 x 20mm bolt through the copper scrubber so that about 5 mm are visible.

Step 4

Push the bolt through the hole you drilled in the base. Attach the M3 nut to the bottom.

Step 5

Flip over the base, and push the copper scrubber neatly into the holder.

Step 6

Attach the metal holder piece.

Step 7

Congratulations! Your upgraded soldering iron holder is now ready to use.