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Electronic Circuit Kit

This kit will allow you to make a variety of electronic circuits. It is held inside the Little Toolbox.

Image Description Quantity Manufacturer Vendor
Craft Box 1 Dollarama
Labels 1
USB-Powered 3.3 Volt Regulator 1
LED (5 mm, 3.3V, White) 4 Inolux
DigiKey 1830-1013-ND
LED (5 mm, 3.2V, Blue) 4 Cree C503B-BCS-CV0Z0461 DigiKey C503B-BCS-CV0Z0461-ND
LED (5 mm, 3.4V, Green) 4 Würth Elektronik 151053GS03000 DigiKey 732-5020-ND
LED (5 mm, 3.3V, Cyan) 2 Kingbright
DigiKey 754-2183-ND
LED Labels
5V AC Adaptor 1 Dollarama
Switch (Keyboard, 12V, 0.01A, Blue) 1 Cherry Americas MX1A-E1NN DigiKey CH196-ND
Switch (Slide, 12V, 0.1A) 2 C&K OS102011MS2QS1 DigiKey CKN9542-ND
Switch (Tact, 50V, 0.05A) 2 CIT Relay and Switch
DigiKey 2449-CR1102H4.3F260CT-ND
Switch (Snap, 30V, 0.1A) 2 Omron Electronics D2F-01FL-D3 DigiKey Z4700-ND
Potentiometer (Rotary, 250K઼ Ω, 1/5W, Linear) 2 TT Electronics/BI P160KNP-0EC15B250K DigiKey 987-1725-ND
Alligator Clips 6 DigiKey
Resistor Kit 1
Resistor Labels
User Manual