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sciBot Digital Switch

The yellow RCA jack has an outer shield that is connected to ground, and a centre pin that is connected to the sciBot’s analog or digital inputs.




Image Quantity Description Manufacturer Vendor
Audio Video Cable with RCA Plugs (0.9 m)
Chateau 777-36G Dollar Tree
1 Tact switch CIT Relay and Switch
DigiKey 2449-CR1102H4.3F260CT-ND
1 1/4″ (6.3 mm) 3:1 adhesive heat shrink, cut to 40 mm Qualtek Q5-3X-1/4-01-QB48IN-25 DigiKey Q53X014B-ND
2 1/8″ (3.2 mm) 3:1 heat shrink, cut to 10 mm Qualtek Q2-F3X-1/8-01-QB48IN-25 DigiKey Q2F3X018B-ND

If you want a different switch, you can try any of the following:

Description Manufacturer Vendor
Keyboard switch (blue, click) Cherry Americas MX1A-E1NN DigiKey CH196-ND
Snap switch Omron Electronics D2F-01FL-D3 DigiKey Z4700-ND
Slide switch C&K OS102011MS2QS1 DigiKey OS102011MS2QS1
Toggle switch CIT Relay & Switch ANT11SF1CQE DigiKey 2449-ANT11SF1CQE-ND




Step 1

Cut the legs of the switch so that there are about 5 mm of each leg remaining.

Step 2

Tin the legs.

Step 3

On the audio video cable, identify the two strain reliefs. They are black blocks of plastic that prevent the wires from being pulled apart.

One of the strain reliefs is visible in the bottom-left corner of the picture to the right.

Step 4

Remove the strain reliefs using shear cutters.

Step 5

Pull the yellow cable to separate it from the red and white cables.

Step 6

Cut the yellow cable in half.

Step 7

Put the large piece of adhesive heat shrink on the cable.

Step 8

Remove about 20 mm of insulation from the cable.

Step 9

Strip about 3 mm of insulation from the inner yellow and black wires.

Step 10

Tin the exposed copper.

Step 11

Put a piece of small heat shrink over each wire.

Step 12

Solder one wire to each leg of the tact switch.

Step 13

Put the small pieces of heat shrink over the solder joints and heat.

Step 14



Put the large heat shrink over the entire joint and heat.

Congratulations! You have completed making the sciBot Digital Switch.